We are making marketing personal again!

Pop By Gifts, that you give to former clients when you “pop by” their house, are a great excuse for some face-time and for generating referral business.

Our Pop By gifts are practical small gifts, with a clever saying and your contact information, that are hung on your client’s front door.  Clients love to know you are still thinking of them and will reach out to thank you!  Your clients are your best lead for repeat business or new referrals.

But for those of of you who lack the time, creative thinking or crafting skills, creating many quality Pop By gifts is a daunting task. Luckily, we are here to help!

How does it Work?

Every month we create two featured Pop-Bys.  One general use or home goods themed Pop-By and one holiday themed Pop-By.  You can specify in your order if you prefer one or the other. 

  1. Choose Assembly & Delivery Method
  2. Decide on the Quantity.
  3. Click order and wait for your kit, assembled Pop-Bys, or your assembled and delivered Pop-By delivery to arrive.