Our Services in Detail

We offer 3 levels of service: DIY Kits, Pre-Assembled Pop Bys, and a Full Service option where we assemble and individually mail each Pop By to your list of recipients. 

If you are crafty or have someone in mind who can assemble to Pop Bys for you, we offer kits with everything you need to craft the Pop By of the month in your desired quantity.  Each kit has a digital instruction guide complete with photos depicting each step.  Kits are fun but keep in mind they do take a good amount of time to assemble.  I would estimate it takes 1 hour to assemble 10-20 depending on your skill level.  
This option is where we assemble the Pop Bys in house and ship all of your ordered quantity directly to your shipping address.  The only think you have to do is attach your business card with the provided clips if you chose to do so.  Then they are ready for you to distribute to your clients.
Pre-Assembled and Mailed
For this option we will ask you for a spreadsheet of names and addresses of the people who will be receiving your Pop Bys and a digital image file of your business card that we will print in house.  We will assemble each Pop By and attach your business card.  They are then individually cello bag sealed, boxed, and shipped to each address you have provided us.You have many options on how to send us this list:

  • If it is a one-time order, send us the list making sure to include enough names and address to fulfill your entire quantity  of ordered Pop Bys. If you have extra left over, we can send them to you if you provide an address.
  • If you are setting up a subscription and you want to change your recipients for each occurrence, you can layout each list in separate worksheets within the same spreadsheet.
  • If you have a large database you can color code recipients and send us a key.  If you use this option please be sure to send us in the native file formate of your spreadsheet software and NOT .csv as .csv format does not save formatting options like color, bold, underline, or font/font size.

Custom Tags
If you’d like the gift tag to say something else or you’re in a different industry, add a logo, or your contact info at the bottom, let us know! Tags are 100% customizable and you can even send us your own completed artwork if you prefer.  There is no additional charge for tag customization. 
Each level of service is available as one-time orders, where you place your order anytime you see a month that you would like, and as a subscription at varying frequencies.

Subscription Frequencies include: 

Monthly (12 times per year)

Bi-Monthly (every other month, 6 times per year)

Every 4 months (3 times per year)

Quarterly (Every 3 months, 4 times per year)

Bi-Annually (Every 6 months, 2 times per year)

There are discounts based on quantity and subscription frequency.  So in general, the more you order and the more frequent, the higher the discount.
Subscriptions are not binding and you can cancel at anytime after your second order.  If you cancel after your first order, we will charge a fee equal to the discount you received for signing up for a subscription.  We do this to prevent people from signing up for a subscription for the discount when their intentions are only to have a one-time order.  After the second order there is absolutely no fee to cancel.  We often sell out of our Pop Bys, but this will never effect subscribers as they are always accounted for in our inventory.
If at any time you want additional Pop Bys for a month outside of your regular subscription schedule, you can place a one-time order (No subscription) for that month without affecting your existing subscription schedule. Also, we are very flexible as long as you communicate your request in a timely manner.  If your subscription renews and your not a huge fan of the current month, let us know within 3 days of your order and you can push that order to be filled with the following month or get a refund that month. 

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