Pre-Assembled & Mailed Individually to your Client – (One Time Order – No Subscription)

From $220.00

Fully assembled Pop-Bys mailed directly from us to each of your clients.  No additional Shipping Charge as postage is included in price per Pop By.  No Subscription.  After you place your order we will email you with requirements for your recipient list and business card digital image file.



10-14 days processing time.



In order to process your order we will need a few things. Please email us ( these items at your earliest convenience after placing your order:

  1. A spreadsheet or the link to a shareable spreadsheet (google sheets or OneDrive) with only the number of client names and addresses (please do not forget apartment/unit numbers if applicable) of the quantity of Pop Bys you ordered.
    • If you have a subscription and you want to send to different recipients each time, you will need to update your shareable list within 3 days of each new order date. If you are not using a shareable spreadsheet, please send any updates to us.  We will continue to use the same spreadsheet or link unless you send us a new one.

o   Share your shareable spreadsheet with us at:

    • Alternatively, you can separate groups of recipients by worksheets in one workbook coordinating with the months on your subscription schedule if you prefer to send everything at once.
    • Please save file with name: Order#_LastName_FirstName_Month

2. An image file of a one-sided business card with your information, image and or logo on it (high resolution for printing is best .jpg, .pdf, .png)

When your Pop Bys are completed you will receive a photo image of 3 of them with your business card and custom tag (if applicable) as an example of what is going out.  Additionally, you will receive your spreadsheet back as an attachment with each individual tracking number added so you can track when your Pop Bys have been delivered.

**Please ensure that your mailing addresses are correct.  We are not responsible for any undeliverable Pop Bys due to incorrect addresses.**

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