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Pop-By Gift of the month



Here at the PopBy Co we offer great pop-by gifts and we also offer a pop-by gift of the month. We do have several different options for your convenience but having said that you can just use is as inspiration as well. If you are crafty and like to do the work we will be happy to share ideas with you. 

Having said that I was never really crafty or had the time to invest into putting together popby gifts. I honestly never really had the ideas until I met Tiffany. She is the creative brain behind all the popbys. Check out the above video and see what kind of popby ideas she has put together for me so far. I can tell you they work, they are a great way to starting a conversation with clients. 

Over the next couple of weeks and months Tiffany will be posting instructional blogs on how to create the popbys so that you can create them yourself as well. Keep checking back and see what;s coming next and find out the next popby of the month. 

These are some very nice and classy popby ideas that look professional and make an impact with your sphere. If you are anything like me and you are a busy Real Estate Agent just go on  and let us help you make your life easier and make the referrals come pouring in.